You Don’t Have to Be Obsessive about Fitness to Look like When You Were 18

Today we have an interview with Jannette Joly who placed 4th in the latest Venus Index Transformation Contest.

Check out her pictures:

It was a shock when Jannette found out that she can look better with a simpler approach.

Taking pictures at the same place, with the same lighting, in the same pose will help you see exactly how much you’ve improved.

Jannette is not a training novice. She used to own a gym and even today still trains people. And she is very passionate about it, she especially loves helping people like elderly, pregnant women, people with a disease; not your regular gym visitors.

Is Cardio Enough?

(Before you make any lifestyle changes you should always consult with your physician.)

Jannette told us that she thinks women especially need to do weight lifting, cardio is simply not enough.

However, she also said that even pregnant women should do weight lifting and she highly recommends it, both as a mother and as a trainer.

If you’re already training and you get pregnant, there is no reason to stop.

If you are healthy then you can pretty much do everything you did before. Sure a couple of lifts will not be possible due to the inflexibility, but that’s not such a big issue.

Who ever said weights were off limits for women an that a woman’s workout was meant to be cardio and abs only.

Women need to lift weights to have a slim, feminine figure with the perfect hourglass look, there is just no way around this. If you just do cardio, you will lean down, but will eventually just end up looking like a 12 year old boy.

Diet, Fasting, What works?

Jannette weighed herself at the same time each week and adjusted her diet based on this feedback.

This is a good approach. If you are simply not satisfied with how things are progressing and want to lose fat more quickly, you can just reduce your calorie intake or add a few fasts during the week. Just make sure you don’t overdo it, your diet has to remain sustainable.

It’s about trial and error, you need to find what works, and at a sustainable speed to make it all fit together.

Not everything will work for you, you must determine your best course of action.

For many people, fasting is what allows you to enjoy your weekends a bit more.

A diet you can’t sustain is useless and if you want to enjoy your weekend you need to follow a diet that allows this option.

The best diet is the one made around your lifestyle:

  • What meals you don’t need to eat?
  • What social events you have to attend?
  • What are the lowest calorie options you can choose?
  • What foods you have to eat that you crave, but have to watch yourself so you don’t overdo it?
  • What days you will consume most of your calories?

A good diet plan doesn’t start with things you can’t have e.g. ice cream or pizza. Quite the opposite, it should start with what you must have e.g. dinner each day with your spouse, lunch each Sunday with your family, party each Friday and pizza every other week.

Once you know this, you can calculate how many calories you are left with in the week and fill it in with anything you want – low calorie options are always better, because you can eat more of them, and while dieting, you want to eat as much as possible.

You Must Lift Weights

There is just no way around it.

Most women think that lifting weight will turn them into a hulk woman, but that’s complete nonsense.

This belief may be present in our society due to a lack of examples of women who have been lifting weights regularly. As a result women are intimidated by the idea of lifting weights, but truth to be told, you are not going to build a feminine, good looking body without lifting weights.

Stop spending hours on the cardio machines, find what works and direct your energy efficiently.

Scared of Getting too Lean?

As you progress you may need to give yourself permission to keep improving, because there is a lots of BS in our society about how women should look.

It may even seem that thanks to media we have lost sense of what’s truly attractive.

Here is a thought…

You have a feminine shape no matter how lean you are.

There is also another good rule to follow – If you feel confident, you like what you see, you have achieved that body shape naturally and you are both lean and have toned muscles, then it’s healthy and looks great no matter what other people are saying.

You may not realize this at the beginning of your journey, but as you progress and improve, people will actually try to take you down and discourage you from further improvement.

It’s the unfortunate ‘crabs in a bucket’ mentality.

In a group of average people, one’s inspiration and transformation is always discouraged, because it would reveal insecurities of the others.

What you have to do is realize that any negativity you recieve is not about you, but rather about other people’s insecurities coming to the surface.

Tips from Jannette:

  • Don’t make excuses
  • At some point you have to shorten the fast (when you are really lean)
  • If you want that body, VI can help you build it, but you really have to want it badly to make the commitment and follow it as written
  • Make this a priority
  • Find your reason behind your actions, it helps you stick to your plan
  • Being in shape will make you a better person and other people will notice
  • Do what’s efficient, dump the rest
  • You don’t need to train two hours a day for every day of the week to look good
  • You have other areas of your life than just fitness, fitness is a tool to make your life better
  • It’s okay to train while pregnant
  • Purposefully focus on finding the disbeliefs that you formed based on BS form media and bad trainers and work on eliminating them
  • Mindset is everything
  • You can lift and push yourself more than you think
  • Trainers are supposed to push you to your limits, it’s okay for them to do that, actually, it’s necessary!
  • If you put the effort into it, you will get the results
  • If you hate cardio don’t do it
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  • Eat Stop Eat – Program that will teach you how to take simple breaks from food to lose weight while enjoying social eating events and eating the foods you love

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