It’s okay to make mistakes with diet – just keep moving forward – says Contest Winner Sheralyn

Sheralyn says she is a Venus for life!

Sheralyn says she is a Venus for life!  Look how tiny she is in her after picture!


Sheralyn placed in the VT12 contest. Here is what she has to say in her own words:


How did you find the Venus Factor?

The Venus link was attached to email that I got from a self-esteem help promotion. I was not feel well emotionally or physically and I was looking for self help before going to a professional. I clicked on it knowing that my biggest problem was my weight, but I did not know how to take it off without depriving myself or making me feel worse. It made sense to me and I purchased it right away.  I started reading all the information and found it not only fascinating, but it made sense to me. The very first thing I was excited about was the workouts.   I have worked out a majority of my life, but I hand done anything consistently in the past few years.


What aspect of the program was most beneficial to you?

For me, the most beneficial is the flexibility to make it work for me, my family, and my life style. You can make it so personal in every way from the food to the exercises.


Did you like the Venus workout?

I LOVE the workouts!!! I started them right away.


Which workout(s) did you use?

I did Phase 1 twice, I have did Phase 2 (Final Phase) twice. I am planning on doing Phase 3 next, a modified version; one that will fit with my time schedule.


What kept you motivated?

My biggest motivation was the mirror and fitting into cute clothes. Now, a huge motivation to keep it off is my health. I feel so much better both physically and mentally.


Do you have a particular style of eating?

Not really, during the school year eat my salad lunches, the weekend I eat pizza with my family. I fast twice a week. The summer is a little more lacks.


Did you use the Undulating protocol?

The first 12 weeks I followed it exactly.


If so how did it work for you and did you make any modifications?

From then on I pretty much eat maintenance on Fridays and the rest of the week I stay close to my minimum.


Did you use any supplements?

I just take 1 A Day vitamins and fiber gummies.


Did you use the online community and how was that experience?

For the first 12 weeks I was a community “stalker”. After that, I had the courage to be more involved. I think the community is such an important part of Venus. This is where we can share our ups and downs without fear of criticism, you learn that is it’s ok to make mistakes. You can be encouraged when you feel that you are not making any progress.  There are so many beautiful women to lift you up. It is such a positive, encouraging place.


Did you find support with friends and family?

Funny story, my family did not know I was doing anything different until 3 months after I started and they started noticing I was losing weight. Now my family is eating better and exercising more.


What was the hardest obstacle to conquer?

To not be discouraged by the scale, but to rely on other things, the tape, clothes, the mirror.


How did you feel about your final pictures?

WOW is that really me???? Sometimes when I look in the mirror I have to stop and stare and ask is that really me???


Is this a lifestyle you will continue?

This is definitely for life!!! For me this is not only about weight loss but about learning about my self. I learned, for me to be a better person to my family, friends, and students I need to take care of myself. Also, there are so many Venus ladies that are wonderful examples of being older, fit, women that are an encouragement to keep on.


What is your best advice for other Venus’s?

No matter how slow the pounds come off keep going, it is ok to make mistakes, just continue forward. I like what John wrote somewhere “What would your future self say to you now?” I need to remember this again with my last few pounds and inches to lose.


Sheralyn's Venus lifestyle includes enjoying time with her family.

Sheralyn’s Venus lifestyle includes enjoying time with her family.


Sheralyn is active in our private online community and you can find her on the inside.


Sheralyn recently celebrated her one year anniversary with Venus!  Stop in and say congratulations.

Sheralyn recently celebrated her one year anniversary with Venus! Stop in and say congratulations.


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