How to Not Blow it on Vacation


Liss and her beautiful cousins at the river

I just returned this week from a 1000 mile 5 day journey across the great state of Texas to see family.

When I left I was 8 weeks out from my next shoot, so I could not blow it!  Here is my plan and advice to anyone else traveling over the summer:


1.  Make a plan and remember that calories are king.
Most of the meals while on vacation were going to be prepared by family or eaten while travelling down the road. This is quite a change from my home life where I plan out my day of eating in advance and prepare 90% of my own food. I knew I would need to plan out calories and protein in meal chunks to fit my budget.  I saved myself one maintenance day, so all the rest were to be deficit days.

The key will be checking with my calorie counter app BEFORE eating.   Find out what the plan is for the meal, then hit the counter app to assess what foods were going to fit the budget.


2.  Workouts will be more for mindset than calorie burn or muscle building.
On the road, I had no access to heavy dumbbells or a gym. But I had some cans, body weight, and my running shoes. That is all I need because I just needed to move every day, mostly for my mindset.


3.  Where the rubber meets the road, make it work.
I nailed my calorie goals each day. It was not easy to stick to the planned amounts.  I like to eat my big volume meals, and it was not going to be possible with the food choices I had.   It was a challenge but I knew that sticking to the calorie plan would make or break my cut progress.

I got up and lifted or ran 4 out of the 5 days. On the 2 days that I lifted, I did the Venus Factor workouts using body weight and cans. It wasn’t perfect, but I planned for it to be not perfect.  The point of the trip was to visit and enjoy family; not eat. Not workout. I had to enjoy the trip for what it was, and keep my focus there. We had a wonderful time and I was grateful to spend time with my amazing family.

lissmomgrandmommy small

 3 generations showing off their gorgeous genes

Final Verdict
I came home 0.4 pounds under where I left, and my metrics were just the same. Big win!!  Vacation does not mean you have to blow your physique goals. There is certainly a time for an all-out vacation, but that does have to mean you gain fat in the process.

Moderation and consistency wins, hands down every time.

X- Liss


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Liss is the girl next door who juggles a job, a husband, and two young kids. She had a lifelong struggle with her weight from a young age, constantly yo-yo dieting. Even though she would lose weight, she was never able to get beyond average with any workout or diet she tried. The Venus Index is the only thing that took her beyond average, and she now maintains Venus. From her success, she is now piloting Venus Index gym classes and coaching other women to attain the bodies of their dreams.
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  1. Carla Mar Hill says:

    You’re on vacation to visit with family; not to EAT and not to workout!
    LOVE that thought! <3
    Thanks for the post, Liss!!!

  2. Perfectly in time for summer vacations. Thank you Coach Liss! 🙂

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