How to Break the Weight Loss Stall or Plateau; with Coach Liss

Coach Liss and Coach Jenny are here to help you break a plateau

Coach Liss and Coach Jenny are here to help you break a fat loss stall or plateau.


What is a fat loss plateau?

A stall or fat loss plateau happens when you have been “on plan” for at least 21 days and have not seen any movement in the tape measure or the scale.

Remember that a change in metrics or inches is just as much progress as a change in the body weight scale. Celebrate that and trust what you are doing.

If the time span has been less than 21 days, then you need to be patient and keep working. Fat loss is not linear. It does not directly correlate to our calorie expenditure; instead fat loss seems to come in chunks. We call it the “whoosh” in Venus. All we can focus on is nailing our calorie and workout goals. The fat loss will come in time if we nail those two things.


Fat Loss Troubleshooting

When things flat line and stall, be honest with yourself. Have you really been “on plan”? If you have followed the plan to a T, then here are 3 things you can do:



  • Measure everything

For maintenance, eyeballing portions is just fine. But being in a caloric deficit is a different beast. Everything that you eat should be weighed or measured. There are too many other uncertainties to worry about, the amount you eat should not be uncertain. Control what you can control.


  • Compensate for Error

You need to take off 15% from your calorie goals to account for error. Basically, there are many common errors in any food that you intake outside of our measuring control. It can range from the fruit sugars varying each harvest to packaged food containing 52 grams instead of 50 grams of material. Taking off 15% off a calorie goal to account for error is a good idea.


  •  Tastes, Bites, and Licks

We all do it. Our kid does not eat their last nugget, so we do instead. Licking the peanut butter off the spoon, waste not and want not. Tastes, bites, and licks can add up fast- one to two hundred calories a day in a snap. If it goes into your mouth, you must count those calories. Be honest with yourself.

 The final caveat – below median

When all else fails, you might be that bottom 25% that fall below the average calorie recommendation in our calculator for your height. If you do M.E.T. for 21 days and you do not lose either in metrics or mass- then that is a sign you may be below average in RMR (resting metabolic rate) for your height. I happen to fall in this area, by the way. A good tip off that is that you have longer legs than other women your height. Having longer legs also means that you have a shorter torso which means smaller organs which account for most of your RMR.

Just Keep Going!

The good news is that you can get to the bottom of a plateau or fat loss stall. Just be patient and keep going. Trial and learning from errors is key.

A Venus coach is a helpful tool during frustrating times like a plateau. We have lived through them, and helped trouble shoot issues for other women just like you. If you have a tricky situation or just need accountability, a coach might be just what you need.

Remember to keep going, you can do this!


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PS You don’t have to be in a contest to get coaching.

About Liss Graham

Liss is the girl next door who juggles a job, a husband, and two young kids. She had a lifelong struggle with her weight from a young age, constantly yo-yo dieting. Even though she would lose weight, she was never able to get beyond average with any workout or diet she tried. The Venus Index is the only thing that took her beyond average, and she now maintains Venus. From her success, she is now piloting Venus Index gym classes and coaching other women to attain the bodies of their dreams.
You can check her out at: Liss Graham's Venus Index Transformation

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