How Anna Changed Her Life One Step At a Time

Here's Anna enjoying her new life.

Here’s Anna enjoying her new life.



Anna Martinmadsen placed Second in our VT-9 Venus Transformation Contest.


John did not get a chance to interview Anna, but she wanted to share her pictures and story.  Here’s what she had to say about how the Venus Factor program worked for her, in her own words:

My life with Venus factor is not too hard but definitely challenging sometimes. I started program on September 2nd and almost stick to it through all 12 weeks. My regular day with Venus starts in the morning, when I have my cup of water with lemon juice, and a bit later I have coffee with almond milk. After kids are sent to school, I go to do my work out.

I usually work out as hard as I can. I like to feel I really push myself and Venus workouts are not too easy. I usually would add 4 min. of Tabata on a bike to each Venus work out.

I have my first meal around 2 pm. and the last one at 8 pm. During last 12 weeks I had 2 weeks when I went for vacation with my family and I was not eating or drinking according to suggested calorie intake, but I tried to eat healthy food and I did all my exercises. Getting back to my routine after vacation was easy and pleasant and it felt really good.

Venus changed my life because it changed my habits. My everyday routine became my way of living. I feel very strong and healthy now and I have lots of energy.

My husband took after photos of me and I now can really see I lost 7kg and 3% body fat. According to Venus nutrition calculator I should loose another 4 kg and another 6 cm in my waist. I didn’t reach suggested weight or measurements yet, but I am on my way. I know one day I will, and I know I will, because I enjoy Venus way of life.

I love the way I feel.

Thank You Venus!


Height 69″

Start weight: 165 pounds

Start shoulders: 51″

Start waist: 32″

End weight 151 pounds

End shoulders: 45″

End waist: 28″



“I feel very strong and healthy now and I have lots of energy.”


Congratulations on your success Anna.  We at the Venus Factor wish you all the best, we hope you are proud of your success, and we are very happy for you!


You can find Anna’s Blog in our online Venus community for inspiration.

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