Having Trouble Getting Motivated or Started On Your Fitness Routine? Here’s How To Get Going.

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The contest winners didn't have all the answers.  They still don't.  They took steps moving forward and kept going, and they are still moving forward.

The contest winners didn’t have all the answers. They still don’t. They took steps moving forward and kept going, and they are still moving forward today.

Having trouble getting motivated or started on your fitness routine?

Whether you are just getting started, or getting back into your routine after a break, it’s hard to get started.

It feels overwhelming.

You can read online all day long about all the ways people did it successfully and it seems  overwhelming.  Sometimes it’s a case of fear of failure or just a case of analysis paralysis.


Some days it is a heroic act just to refuse the paralysis of fear and straighten up and step into another day.

Edward Albert


Not enough time?

Not motivated?

The goal is to just fit it in.  Do something.  Walk, pushups, chair squats.

Anything is better than nothing.  A little something is forward motion.

Does not have to be complicated.

John and Brad give you some ideas for getting started in today’s podcast.


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