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Here is an interview with Kim. Kimberley placed 4th in latest Venus Index Contest in the Open category.

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Venus Index - Kimberley Alamandy

Do you have what it takes to get this lean?

Kim placed in the last contest, so she wasn’t new to competing. She is actually the first girl to do two a back to back Venus Index contests.

She felt great after finishing her workout plan and had a massive boost in motivation. However, she wasn’t sure what to do next. This is where the community comes into play. She asked the girls on the forum and they helped direct her and push forward.

The Second Contest

Kimberley changed the way she ate and fasted. This time she decided to get this over with at the beginning of the week, so she fasted on Monday and on Tuesday and then started incorporating more meals back in, in the rest of the week and when she felt like it was getting out of control she would throw in couple of fasting days again.

There are countless ways of staying in a caloric deficit you just have to find a pattern that works best with your lifestyle circumstances and your own preferences. If you work and train a lot during the week and have fun and relax on the weekends then just restrict yourself during the week and let go a bit on your Friday nights and Saturday barbecues. And since you will be working a lot during the week, going to the gym and training you will find it easier to diet then compared to being out with your friends or at a barbecue.

Just remember that there will always be new sets of challenges. We all like to think that if we could get this one thing handled or once we achieve that one goal everything will be just fine, well it won’t. It will be different. And that’s totally okay, because you always need to have something to move forward towards.

In other words, once you get your waist down, there may be a different challenge figuring out how to stay there.

Kimberley had a really hard time figuring out how maintenance should work. This was probably the hardest thing for her.

There are basically three ways of eating.

  1. The way you ate before the diet – Too much
  2. The way you eat on a diet – Low
  3. The way you will eat after the diet – Maintenance

Figuring out how to maintain requires a completely different approach and while it takes significantly less effort and involves way more food and fun, it will take you some time to find that sweet spot when you finally can say that “this is exactly how much I need to maintain”.

When Kim realized that there wasn’t really much to lose anymore, she stopped fasting, however once she did she started gaining weight again. So, she had incorporate fasting back in and started searching for a different way.

You see, there will always be a slight swing of the pendulum. Sometimes you will eat more, sometimes less.

Things will change, you will move to a different city, change jobs, start a family and suddenly your eating habits will be different. That’s just how it works. Sometimes there is a phase when you don’t have breakfast or dinner, sometimes you’ll be eating lunch, sometimes you don’t.

Don’t try to identify how maintenance is gonna be for you for the rest of your life and just roll with your current lifestyle circumstances.

Does It really Take Time to Build Muscle?

Kim had no idea how she was going to look once she got to her ideal VI numbers, she was a bit scared, and she still has some room for improvements, but the final pictures are great and since she didn’t have to lose much fat, she could just focus on gaining muscle and reshaping her body.

Here’s the deal with building muscle though. Gaining more muscle takes a really long time and you have to accept it. It’s not dramatic like the first fat loss transformation you may have been through.

You can get quite lean pretty quickly and then “grow” to your idea VI numbers.

Kim suggests to do as many workouts in a row as possible. When she got sore, she would take the day off. So, if you feel like you can handle the workouts more often then don’t treat them as a weekly outline per se, but rather as one series and go from one to the next.

Most of the time Kim would do 4-6 workouts a week. This pattern really worked for her, she loved it. If you feel like that’s too much, then do less in a row and work your way up to that. Kim also works out in a fasted state, which might help you with the strength and energy.

Once you have been through all the workouts you can also decide which ones felt the best and seemed to give you the best results and stick to those for as long as possible.

Now that Kim knows how certain workouts feel, she can decide which module was the best and gave her the best results and roll with that one. And you can do the same. If you have been through all of them and you feel like one module was really good and that you could squeeze some more muscle growth from it, then do it again right after the first one.

What to do if you want to look like Kim:

  • The forum is great, girls help each other move forward and are constantly checking on each other
  • Sometimes you need to step away from everything, to see it from a new perspective and keep rolling forward
  • You will hit peaks and valleys, figure out why you are feeling like this and what to do to get past or through it
  • Don’t worry about macro-nutrients, eat whatever you want and just stay in the caloric deficit
  • It’s okay to read about fitness, but try to spend more time actually figuring it out yourself and implementing it in they gym
  • You can’t rely on what one person says, take it and test it to see if it works, then make a judgment for yourself
  • Don’t get upset if you gain a pound or two, find out the issue in your diet and push forward. Also remember to account for daily fluctuations in your weight due to water, food and hormones
  • Don’t compare yourself to others
  • Compete for your best look not against others
  • Be happy with your after’s and progress and not worry about other people
  • You have to be one of those people who can deal with the change when its thrown at you. If you are not then you must learn how to be one

Programs Kim uses:

  • Phase 1 & Phase 2 – Workout programs focused on building a toned and natural feminine body shape.
  • Venus Index Community – What if there was a forum where all the cool girls hang out and were exchanging tips on how to get in shape and what works for them to build a healthy, good looking body?

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