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Today we have an interview with Ioana Tarce who placed 2nd in our  latest Venus Index Transformation Contest.

Check out her pictures:

Ioana is happy with her after pictures, what about you?

Ioana never felt bad in her own skin and she never worked out or followed any type of diet.

She was always pretty satisfied with her body, living her regular lifestyle and not trying to change it.

She told us that she thought it was actually impossible to change her body. She thought working out was stupid and she didn’t want anyone to tell her what to eat and what not to eat, so she just dismissed training and nutrition completely.

She took some aerobic classes and Pilates to stay active, but she got bored really quickly, so she never stuck to it. Sounds familiar?


Her Boyfriend Introduced Her to the Venus Index

She saw other women that have gotten amazing results and she wanted to achieve that figure too.

She decided why not give it a shot and see what it can do for her.

She went to the gym and did the first workout, which wasn’t exactly easy. Truth be told,  if you have never worked out then your muscles are weak and you have to expect some resistance and possible soreness at the  beginning of your fitness journey.   The GOOD NEWS is that beginners adapt quickly and the results in strength and muscle gains are really fast compared to women who train often.

At first Ioana couldn’t even do a pushup, now here she is:

If you are doing a photoshoot, apart from some usual posses, why not take a few fun ones?

After a few weeks Ioana started feeling muscles she never thought she had. She was also pretty surprised at how quickly she adapted to the physical stress of weight training.

After a few weeks her clothes started feeling a bit loose, more proof that what she was doing was working.

The biggest benefit was that Ioana started enjoying her workouts, which was a tremendous attitude adjustment compared to a few months prior when she believed the concept of working out to be just plain stupid.

Is Hard Dieting & Cardio Necessary for Fat Loss?

For the diet part of the transformation Ioana didn’t do anything special. She didn’t obsess herself over macronutrients, she wasn’t preparing meals every three hours nor did she follow any type of the mainstream nutrition approach.

She kept it simple, she threw in a couple of fasts, she kept it light during the day by cooking low calorie meals like salads and soups and watched the portions in the restaurants she went to on regular basis.

She wasn’t doing traditional cardio either. She didn’t do two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon on a treadmill, she just went jogging when she felt like going and that was it.

No stress or obsession about cardio or diet, just an easy and simple approach that was flexible enough for her to sustain for the whole 12 week transformation.

Tips from Ioana:
  • “I was working out in hotel rooms when I was on the road, it’s important to  improvise to get the workouts done”
  • “You don’t need a professional photoshoot, my boyfriend took the pictures with a borrowed camera on the balcony of our appartment”
  • “Don’t stress yourself over little details at the beginning, you will figure things out on the road”
  • “I no longer believe that working out is dumb, actually I think it’s amazing and everyone should do it”
  • “If you are getting bored with your regular routines, try the Venus Index Workout, there are no traditional exercises and it’s fun every time”
  • “Get into the contests, it’s great motivation, because submitting your pictures will make you wanna work harder on yourself”
  • “Even if the journey is not perfect, you will still see some difference in your physique, every step forward counts”
  • “The first few hours of the fast are the worst, but after that it’s pretty easy”
  • “The last week of the contest is when you will see what body shape you have actually built, it’s weird, but it gets revealed in that last week”

Links from the interview:

  • Main VI Workout – Workout program that’s focused on building your naturally attractive ideal body shape – hourglass shape
  • Eat Stop Eat – Lifestyle base around the beauty of intermittent fasting
  • Adonis Index – Lifestyle and training approach that’s focused on building ideal metrics for men

Read Ioana’s experience with Venus Index in her own words:

My VI experience started when my boyfriend, whom is an AI program user introduced me the idea of body index. It seemed logical for a person who is an engineer although at the time I didn’t believe body building was for girls…nevertheless, I got the program. I was out of shape and I started the VI program to get back in shape, to be fit and toned. I thought it would be hard. Especially…Continue reading here

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  1. What a very beautiful lady and I love how she stuck with it and liked that she could do push ups and still enjoy food. A very inspiring story. What an awesome job Loana and very beautiful pictures!

  2. Great podcast! I love the description of the initial pain of lifting but then the story of only being sore for 2 weeks, adjusting, and enjoying those muscles getting stronger. Also, the intuitive lowering of calories by having soups and just simply eating lighter every day on days when a business dinner was unavoidable. Very impressed with the long fasts – I have never tried that!

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