50 is the new 20!

Today we have an interview with Rhonda Inabnit who won the Open Level 1 Division in our last Venus Index Contest.

Check out her pictures:


Most young girls would kill for a body like this. What about you, would you want to look like this one day?

Keeping It in the Family

Rhonda was introduced to the Venus Index by her son, who trains with the Adonis Index systems.

Her son Jeremy placed second in the Adonis Index transformation contest and Rhonda won the open level 1 on the Venus side, this is a pretty amazing family! We’ve had couples place in the contests, but this is the first time we’ve had a mother/son do it!

It’s starting to become a family things.

Like Rhonda said, it’s a great feeling to be the winner and it feels great to be in such a shape at 52 years old.

Rhonda built her muscle foundation in her teenage years because her father would have her do lots of strength endurance. And this is an important note, when you’re young and experiencing juvenile muscle growth and you train regularly, you will build an extra layer of muscle that can’t be built later. This juvenile muscle growth potential stops around the age of 25 and then you are left with only exercise induced muscle growth.

You Have to Make Yourself a Priority If You Want to Be a Better Person

When Rhonda was 28, she had four kids and really didn’t devote much time to herself, she took care only of her kids. She didn’t gain any unreasonable weight after the pregnancy, but wasn’t fit and it never occurred to her to try to get back in shape at that point. She didn’t think of her physical fitness until years later.

After a few years she got back to training and it became a part of her daily routine again. She started training 4-6 times a week.

She didn’t have any program to follow though, she’d just pick some weights and lifted. This was probably a healthier approach than reading fitness magazines and scanning online forums, but still without a sound structure you can only get so far.

On the other hand she had a lot of support from her husband, who is a bit of a fitness fanatic, so he would teach her some things to do. However her training lacked proper structure until her son told her about Adonis Index and Eat Stop Eat.

Shortly after following the Eat Stop Eat lifestyle she got interested in improving her training routine as well and started working out with the Venus Index systems.

Rhonda also got hooked on the idea of doing a fitness contest. She started the contest together with her son who was very supportive during that period and also a big inspiration for her. Like she said, it’s a great feeling to raise a son and then have him teach you how to improve your life.

What Rhonda really liked about the Venus Index workouts was that everything was planned out for her. So, she could just grab the workouts and hit the gym.

At no point did she think that she was too old for this.

If you think you are too old stop right now and realize age is just a number, it doesn’t matter and IS NOT an obstacle. Many of our winners are over 40, and Rhonda is over 50 and she looks fabulous! I’ll say it again…age is just a number.

Rhonda told us that for the first time in her life she is not embarrassed to admit her age.

You should never be embarrassed about getting old, because everyone will…it’s called being HUMAN!

So, it’s really more of an insecurity about yourself and lacking self-esteem than the age itself. And once Rhonda got in better shape, the idea of her age didn’t really matter anymore.

Many of the best conditioned Venuses are older…wiser, and just cool women who have their s#!t together 🙂

Take home message from Rhonda:

  • Get some structure into your workouts
  • Get into the Venus Index contest, the deadline will keep you on track
  • Have fun and look forward to the feedback you will get from other people once you get in shape
  • Help other people get in shape too
  • Be consistent, keep going until you get to your goal
  • Don’t beat yourself up over bad days, just start over and get back on track
  • It’s important to take care of yourself first, if you don’t your own life handled first you are in no position to take care of others (even in a plane you are told to put the oxygen mask on yourself first then on your baby)
  • You need to get some time for yourself, it’s not self centered  and it will be beneficial to everyone else around you
  • If you come first in your life, you will be happier, your mood will improve, and you will learn to prioritize your physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental health…this is your only body and mind, and your only life…so take care of it because nobody else is going to take care of it for you!

Links’s from Rhonda’s interview:

Read Rhonda’s experience with Venus Index in her own words:

Hi, I’m Rhonda, a 52 year-old wife and mother of four. I have always been interested in health and fitness. I grew up working on the family farm and learned early to work hard physically. I enjoyed playing sports through high school; I was always doing something physically challenging. As a young mother, my twenties and thirties were devoted to raising my four boys and, although they kept me moving all the time, I didn’t devote a lot of time to my own fitness. In my late thirties, I began going to the gym and incorporating resistance training along with cardio. As I became more consistent with weight training in my forties, I realized that my hard work was paying off and I had developed a leaner, more fit body. I love the way I feel after a good workout, knowing that I’ve done something good for myself both physically and mentally. What became challenging for me was always having the motivation to…

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Listen to Rhonda’s interview here:

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