Kimberley Dransfield Venus Index Transformation

Hi my name is Kimberley, and I also respond to Kimmits.  I am an Australian but I live permanently in Hong Kong.  I have a pretty busy life running multiple businesses – one in customized jewelry design, one in nutrition, diet and food plans and finally two businesses in Corporate Advisory, one focused on advising CIOs, the other more on business strategy.  I am currently spending most of my time helping many corporates here in Asia to improve performance.

I started Venus at the start of 2011.  I was not that heavy but skinny fat and not in the shape I wanted to be.  I had spent years mucking about with diets and exercise programs but had never mastered the simple trick of “Eat Less.  Move More”.   I was frustrated, and had almost given up.  I decided to give Venus a go, it made sense to my little Rocket Scientist heart (I have a PhD in rocket science…..truly I do).  I achieved my VI metrics in VT1 (April 2011).  Since then I have been maintaining and improving on my every day look.  No matter what I am doing, how busy I am or where I am travelling just following the programs and diets have not only helped me maintain an every day Venus shape, but I just keep getting better.

My goal has been to achieve an “Every Day Venus” look.  I have successfully done this over the past 15-16 months, although I have had a number of different ‘looks’.  I have been too thin, I have tested what I look like when a bit heavier, and right now I am focused more on building some muscle in my upper body and reversing out a little muscle development in my lower body.  A bit too much development from an excellent 2 month ski adventure earlier in the year…..but that is another story.

Here are some happy holiday pics of me over the past 16 months.  Just as a warning, I pretty much only do fully fed and watered, on the beach holiday pics.  This is me in my natural state.  My “Every Day Venus”.  I love that I am now comfortable in wearing my bikini, that Venus has given me the freedom to live my life how I want.

The Every Day Venus: Holiday photos from May 2011 to July 2012

My best supporter has been Roly, my husband.  He watched my transformation during the VT1 contest and was sold on the Adonis program.  Like me, he is a gym and sport junkie from way back but despite this, he too has gotten amazing results and lives his life as an “Every Day Adonis”.   This lifestyle is something we do together.  It has been incredibly motivating to have him by my side.

When I am not working I undertake a pretty extensive list of travel, holiday and insane skiing, sailing or mountain biking/hiking adventures.  This means I need my body to not just be pretty but I need her to be very functional.  To cope with extreme activities, travel, different food types and just having fun.  The tools I have learnt here have helped me immeasurably.  My performance on all my sports has improved dramatically.  I am not afraid to have a good time, knowing the impact will be minor and easily balanced out over the course of a week or two.  This is my life and I am not afraid to live it to the max.