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The DEADLINE for VT14 is Monday August 3rd at midnight.

This is just a friendly reminder that the deadline for VT14 is Monday August 3rd at Midnight Eastern Standard Time. The entry form CLOSES at that time. How to ENTER a Venus Transformation Contest:   PLEASE READ THE CONTEST INSTRUCTIONS, RULES, AND REGULATIONS.  The only confirmation email you will get is the automated response from the contest tracker entry form.  The email address for YOU is the one you use for your Venus account. Click here --> Contest instructions, rules, and regulations <-- Click here     Here are the steps to enter: Use your Venus login to use the submission form. Then use the BLUE JOIN BUTTON for the contest ending August 3rd (08/03/2015):   If you have any problems with the phone app try the web browser. You will receive an automated email from the tracker tool after the pictures have uploaded.  This means YOU ARE IN the contest. See the results of … [Read More...]

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Hold the rope for the final countdown to VT14!

Hold the rope! The final countdown to VT14

  Don’t let go of the rope now! Contest photo and data submissions for VT14 will be due no later than Monday August 3rd at … [Read More...]

Tracy before and after

Tracie finally found something that worked to drop the baby weight

Tracie placed in our recent VT13 Venus Transformation Contest. She did a phenomenal job and her results display the hard work she put … [Read More...]

Jonda at the gym on July 22 this past week!

Ten days left to go in the Venus Transformation Contest VT14

With the deadline quickly approaching we thought you could use a little more motivation for the final stretch. So here's another … [Read More...]

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Original Venus Index Systems

Looking for a good workout that will help you build your dream body, but not sure where to start?

Most programs for women don’t address the real issue of shaping your body. They are either based only on diet and some abdominal work or work out your whole body the same way and completely neglect the most important factor – your naturally attractive shape.

It’s absolutely crucial you make it a priority to aim for the your best shape based on your currently body proportions and have a workout plan that is structured in a way that does this for you.
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Venus Index Community

Introducing the best feature of Venus Index – The most honest and friendly fitness community in the world!

“If it wasn’t for the community I would never have won the fitness contest” is a common thing to hear from our contestants. The Venus Index community is a strong a supportive community of strong supportive women.
A positive supportive community of like minded individuals is the key to success, nobody can do it alone.

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Membership in this community will give you a rich environment full of caring, motivating and supportive women just like you. You’ll find quick answer to any of your questions with different perspectives and approaches from multiple members. The Best Part? Buy any VI System and you get access for free.
[Start Here]

Kirsty before and after Venus Index in only 12 weeks!

Kirsty Set a Goal and Won VT13

Kirsty WON our recent VT13 Venus Transformation Contest! She did a phenomenal job and her results display the hard work she put in. Kirsty brilliantly navigated through a full time career, social … [Read More...]

Roberta and Pam talk about how their lives have changed.

A Tale of Two Venus’s

With a few weeks to go in the current VT14 contest we thought you could use some motivation for the final push. Here's Pam and I talking about how Venus changed our … [Read More...]

Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 9.18.43 AM

Michele Carved Five Inches off her Waist with Venus

You would never know it by looking at her, but Michele is a mother of three and grandmother of two.  At the age of 58, she came to Venus wanting to tone up her legs, but was blown away by the changes … [Read More...]