How to Get Rid of Loose Skin

This is a question we’ve been seeing a fair bit so I figured I’d catch up with my buddy and plastic surgery resident Bryan Chung to try and answer it.

In order to figure out how to ‘get rid of’ loose skin we first have to determine what it is and how you might end up getting it in the first place.

Venus Index Reports how to get rid of loose skin

Is it loose skin, or just a bit more fat?!

This however is harder to determine than you might think as many factors come into play including:

1) Genetics – some people are just predisposed to getting loose skin easier than others

2) Age – as we age our skin becomes less ‘elastic’ and we become more susceptible to getting loose skin

3) Weight loss – if you lose a massive amount of weight you may have stretched your skin far enough that it won’t ‘snap’ back

4) Is it Just More Fat – Many people mistakenly think they have ‘loose skin’ when in reality they just have a bit more fat to lose.

In today’s podcast Bryan and I get to the bottom of the ‘loose skin’ issue and what can be done about it (if you determine that you really do have loose skin).


P.S. The audio is a bit rough on this one cuz I forgot my headset, it’ll be back to normal next week!


You can download the transcript here: How to Get Rid of Loose Skin