Venus Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

So, what happens when a couple of Venus calendar girls who live on opposite sides of the American continent get together?  Well they just wanna have fun.

Tania and Roberta on a South Lake Tahoe dock

Tania and Roberta on a South Lake Tahoe dock at sunset.

I met Tania a couple of years ago in the Venus online community.  Many of us have gone through a lot together and we’ve gotten pretty close.  I still have a hard time believing how much my life has changed and the fact that I now have girlfriends all over the world.  It’s very cool.

Tania is from Eastern Canada and she flew all the way to Northern California, USA to visit me.  I can’t tell you how honored I still feel about it.  She is one amazing and beautiful woman both inside and out.

We stayed in Old Sacramento on Friday night

Tania arrived at the Sacramento airport on a Friday so I we stayed in Old Sacramento the first night.  We walked around the old town shops and had a nice dinner together.

We had a nice dinner in Old Sacramento.

We had a nice dinner in Old Sacramento.

One thing that is nice about getting together with others who understand the Venus mindset is that we don’t pressure each other about food.  It’s okay to skip breakfast, or any other meal for that matter, or simply have as many meals as you want (including breakfast).  Tania and I don’t normally eat breakfast, but we do sometimes.  Even though a full breakfast was included in our hotel stay we had both discussed that we probably wanted to just get some coffee and then head up the hill to the gym on our way to Lake Tahoe.

We were well fueled for our Saturday gym workout

We got up the next morning and went down to get coffee and decided the french toast and custom omelets looked too good to pass up.  We both ate a full breakfast.  It was yummy and well worth the calories and we were well fueled for our gym workout.

We got in a Venus workout at the gym Fitness 4 Life gym in Colfax.

We got in a Venus workout at the Fitness 4 Life gym in Colfax.


The owners of Fitness 4 Life in Colfax proudly display the Venus Calendar

The owners and members of Fitness 4 Life have seen me go through my entire transformation and are really proud of me.  They keep a poster of the Venus Index Phase 3 cover on the bulletin board and the Venus Calendar at the front desk.  Tania was Miss July and I was miss August.

Tania with her July calendar pictures.  Roberta and Tania with the month of August on the wall.

Tania with her July calendar pictures. Roberta and Tania with the month of August on the wall.


South Lake Tahoe

We spent Saturday night in South Lake Tahoe near a beach.  After getting settled in we walked across the street to a grocery store for dinner supplies.  We decided on Sushi, fruit, antipasto salad, wine, and chocolate.

Dinner together in our South Lake Tahoe hotel room.

Dinner together in our South Lake Tahoe hotel room.

We had such a fun dinner together.  We laughed and talked and before we knew it the sun was getting low in the sky and we figured we had better get out there to enjoy the beach and the sunset.  We walked along the beach and then to the end of the long dock where we took the picture up at the top of this page.  The sunset behind the mountain range was beautiful.

South Lake Tahoe sunset on the beach.

South Lake Tahoe sunset on the beach.


Lake Tahoe by boat

The next day I had arranged for us to get a ride on the Sheriff Patrol boat.

The video is taken with Tania’s cell phone while we were driving the crazy road around Emerald Bay.  She also took some video while we were on the patrol boat.

While we were waiting for my Deputy Sheriff friends at the marina we decided to go next store for some coffee.  We walked into a place called Watermans Landing in Carnelian Bay, North Lake Tahoe and the smell was heaven.  I decided I wanted whatever they were baking.  It smelled like cinnamon rolls but it ended up being homemade granola for their parfait.  So, that is what we got.  I highly recommend Watermans Landing cafe to anyone visiting Lake Tahoe.  Everything there looked well worth the calories.

Watermans Landing cafe; well worth the calories.

Watermans Landing cafe; well worth the calories.

Honestly I think the both of us just really needed to have some fun, and we did.

After the boat ride we checked into the Ritz Carlton at North Lake Tahoe where we planned to spend the next two nights.

The Ritz Carlton at Lake Tahoe.

The Ritz Carlton at Lake Tahoe.

The Ritz was amazing.  Once we got settled we made smores at the fire pit and later met friends for dinner.  We ate incredible food, wine, and dessert.  Doctor Tania was a big hit with my friends.  Not only is she beautiful, but also interesting, intelligent, kind, compassionate, thoughtful, and she is a heck of a lot of fun to be around.

We spent the rest of the time enjoying the very nice gym and relaxing by the pool.  Tania went on an organized hike while I worked (the Venus transformation contest VT8 had just ended).

Besides just having fun together Tania and I learned from each other.  Tania being a doctor of physiology, gave me a lot of pointers and corrections for how I was doing certain exercises at the gym, mainly to help with the arthritis in my hips.

But probably the biggest thing we confirmed once again is that especially as females we are our own worst critic.  Especially after we’ve reached our fitness goal enough for a good photo shoot (not usually a sustainable level of leanness).

Both Tania and I viewed each other as perfect, yet we each saw our own flaws and what we wanted to change in ourselves.  The good thing is that both Tania and I want to change things that are realistic and within our control, yet at the same time we are happy with where we are right now.  This is a good place to be.  Living the golden life.

Fun at the Ritz.

Fun at the Ritz; out to dinner, hiking, smores, and our last meal of light pizza and dessert.

The meal in the picture was our last meal together.  A light pizza and dessert.  Oh it was so good.

So the next day we drove straight down the hill to the airport to get Tania headed back on her long journey home.  We both miss each other already and the time together was amazing for both of us.  There is nothing like really good in person Venus girl time.

In the end Tania saw Lake Tahoe by airplane, boat, and by the time we were done doing all that we set out to do she rode in a car all around the entire lake.

Yup, Venus girls just wanna have fun.  And we do.

Wishing you the best and to have the golden life as well.



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  1. What a wonderful recap!! Meeting up with Venus’ in real life is the best. Thank you for writing this-love you both!

  2. I teared up while reading this and seeing the gorgeous photos…of both scenery and Venuses. It is obvious you had an amazing time in together and have formed a great bond, which started with one simple thing in common. Thank you so much for sharing and continuing to inspire. <3

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