Body Shape: The Difference between Good and Exceptional

Tania placed 2nd in the Venus Index Contest in the Open Class.

When Tania told her friends that she has a before and after photo, they just shook their heads and could not understand why somebody who was in good shape like her would take a before picture. Even though there are lots of women that would kill to look like Tania in her before picture, there is always a next step you can take, you can always improve. In fact you should never stop improving working on yourself.

That is what she did, she stepped up her game and went from good shape to exceptional shape.


For Tania it was always about nutrition and fitness. She was the ‘fit chick’ of the family. She did all the sports and watched her diet. She even went to university to study medicine.

Knowing a lot about fitness is really important for her both professionally and personally. It’s also her hobby.

As you probably know, sometimes it can be really challenging to stay fit with work and other life stresses and obligations. And when you go on a diet, then suddenly all the party invitations start coming in. It’s like everything is against you. It can be really hard to stay motivated all the time, get your workouts done when you are tired after work or manage your diet while facing stress all day long.

This is why Tania decided to look for new approaches and found the Venus Index Workouts and Eat Stop Eat.

At first she found fasting incredibly difficult, especially when she was at home studying. Let’s face it, when you are at home all day long and you are studying or working then it’s pretty tempting to make just three steps to the kitchen and grab some delicious snack, isn’t it? And the more tired and less concentrated you get each hour the worse these temptations get.

Fasting as everything takes time and practice and the more times you do it, the easier it get’s. And it seems that once you do more than 10 fasts or so, you won’t even miss the food while fasting.

This is exactly what Tania experienced.

Like she said she was always fit, but Tania didn’t want to be an athlete and that is probably why the Venus Index caught her eye. She wanted to be fit and attractive, healthy and increase her confidence from appearance, so after reading about Venus Index, she found out that it corresponds with her ideals and goals.

She started working out with the Venus Index and fasting on Mondays, so she didn’t have to shop on the weekend.

Even though she followed the intermittent fasting protocol from Eat Stop Eat that is designed to be 24 hour fast, she found that 36 hours suits her better. The reason for this is that if she fasted only 24 hours until dinner, she would overeat and basically got to where she was before the fast. There was more temptation for her when she fasted only 24 hour.

Usually we like to eat later in the day and we like to eat much more than during any other time of the day. Ever noticed that if you want to eat breakfast you have to almost force yourself to eat something in the early morning? And on the other hand you could eat two plates for dinner and still grab chocolate afterwards.

We get cravings when we are tired. We tend to socialize more in the later hours and most of the social events are linked to eating together.

Find out what works for you and if you tend to overeat in the evening, maybe try fasting to early morning hours instead.

Tania was always neurotic about eating every three hours, she planned every meal for the next day, she was even making sure she ate exact ratio of macro-nutrients.

She was pretty obsessed with nutrition. And when she started fasting, she would even take some “safety” package of almonds in case she would be dying of hunger. It’s pretty interesting that most people think that fasting is unhealthy and will turn on starvation mode, while the opposite is the truth.

After she was doing this for a while she noticed that each fast gets easier and easier. She created a schedule that wouldn’t give her a chance to eat during the fast. She went roller blading, to the library and back home to sleep. Then wake up after her 36 hours was done.

The Venus Community Was Her Best Support

When you decide to get in shape and commit to this task you will be faced with many challenges and some of these challenges may be presented in a way that will be very discouraging. For example you may start receiving negative comments from your friends or your family members.

This is where social support comes into play. You need to have somebody who is going to hold you accountable and help you through the difficult stages of your journey towards building a better looking body.

Sometimes it is pretty hard to find these people in your social circle, so the best option seems to look somewhere else. What worked for Tania was the power of the other women in the Venus Index Community.

In her own words this is how she described it: “The forum was awesome, no negative comments whatsoever, real people, fantastic to get to know people in real life”.

This is what helped her finish second in the Venus Index contest.

After she transformed herself, she now wants to encourage other people to try get in shape too.

To get the complete picture listen to the interview, here are few tips from Tania.

Here is her advice for you on how to get to an exceptional shape:

  • Think of your calorie intake on a week to week basis
  • Find some low calorie foods and recipes
  • If you have troubles going through the fast try different flavors of tea to drink
  • Have a good playlist in the gym, put some new, refreshing music to get motivated
  • Listen to the Venus Index podcasts to get further understanding of what you are doing, or like Tania calls it “healthy brain washing”
  • Go from work straight to the gym to avoid food temptation
  • Making a good list of motivators is a key, once you get off track go back to your list of motivators, it will help you get stronger
  • Depending on where you are will differ your approach, you will have to eat differently if you want to lose 50 pounds than if you want to just maintain your physique
  • Track your change (both strength and body measurements)
  • If you can’t eat below your BMR, because you have some stressful situations this month, it’s okay as long as you keep working out
  • Enjoy your meals, food is not just about getting nutrients and calories, it’s a celebration
  • Design your workouts and diet plan around your social life and social events, not the other way around
  • Its difficult to reassure other people (especially family) that what you are doing is healthy. Account for that when you are choosing whether you tell them about your lifestyle or whether you keep it to yourself.
  • You can enjoy family food gathering, you don’t have to say “oh no I can’t eat that”. Just make up for this in advance by fasting
  • The number on the scale doesn’t say what your body composition is, so focus more on how you look in a mirror, on pictures and what your measurements say
  • Don’t look at the next 10 months of hard work, look at shorter period of time, by all means, shorten it even down to the next 10 minutes. This will help you to digest it and get things done
  • You can always look better, never stop working on yourself
  • You don’t have to go through life wishing to have somebody else’s body. Most people just choose to do nothing, be different, do the hard work and you will be rewarded with a body you like and feel good about
  • Getting to the gym is a key, muscle needs to be stimulated to grow
  • If you have problems getting to the gym, plan for it in advance (you can use google calendar), pack for the gym in the morning and then you really have no choice but to go there
  • Set a goal that you feel great about and that is achievable for you in a given period of time

This is the lifestyle that made Tania more fit and confident in her own skin. She is both mentally and physically a strong woman.

Listen to the interview here:

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  1. Congrats Tania! What an Amazing Venus Transformation 🙂

  2. T, I thought you looked amazing already, but it just goes to show that with a bit more effort and tweaking, we can all look spectacular! Thanks for being such an influence to us all. 🙂 X

  3. Would have helped if the ‘after’ image wasnt coloured in orange and she was in the same poses.

  4. Would have helped if the ‘after’ image wasnt coloured in orange and she was in the same poses.

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